When you come for the first time-

When you come for the first time-

you'll find we are a welcoming family of Christ followers who come from all sorts of backgrounds.  Nobody here is holy or righteous outside of Jesus Christ so don't let your past or your fears keep you from coming to worship with us.  

You can expect

-to sing rich, singable, Gospel-centered songs that remind us of Jesus Christ's work for us.

-to hear prayers that glorify God and show a sincere concern for our sin, the lost, the hurting, and the broken.  

-to hear sermons that are grounded in the Bible and explain how the Bible points us to the Good News of Jesus Christ.  

-to be reminded every week that each one of us needs the salvation that is revealed in the Scriptures alone, offered in Jesus Christ alone, according to grace alone, accessed by faith alone, and for the Glory of God alone.


Okay, but how should I dress?

Some men wear a coat and tie.  Some men wear jeans and short sleeves.  Some women wear dresses, others wear pants and a nice shirt.  There isn't a dress code.  We try to show deference and respect towards one another in what we wear.  We're definitely not a stuffy church.  We'd rather have hearts that are being made new in Christ than clothes that put up a front.  


What about my kids?

We have nursery/childcare for kids 3 and under during our worship service.  If your kids are older than that and you're worried about them squirming during church you can relax.  We love kids.  We're a family church.  We believe that families that worship together grow in the Lord together.  It is a good thing for kids to see that their parents value spending investing time hearing, singing, and praying God's Word.  

If you join us at 9am for Sunday School we have age appropriate instruction for kids of all ages.  Ask a greeter and they'll point you in the right direction.