UPDATE: We will be having worship this Sunday morning at 9:00am. For more information go here: www.dcbc.org/latest



In union with Christ we exist to glorify God through living new creation lives and continuing Christ's mission to make disciples.  

You can support us in this mission by coming alongside us and giving financially towards our ministry, but before you do, consider listening to this teaching from Pastor Dustin R. entitled "The Gospel and the Grace of Giving."

Here are the ways you can give financially towards the non-profit ministry of Del Cerro Baptist Church.  

1.  Automated.   You can automate your giving through your bank. Nearly all banks have an online and/or app-based "bill-pay" option you can sign up for.  The bank writes and mails the check from your account so you don't have to! Best of all, no fees! 

2. Sunday Morning. You can give each Sunday during our worship service. Just drop your offering in the giving box on your way in our out.   

3.  Mail:  Give by mailing your offering to Del Cerro Baptist Church, 5512 Pennsylvania Ln,  La Mesa, CA  91942

4.  Text-to-give:  Text "give" to 619-639-1930 and follow the directions!

5. Online giving.

Make a One-Time Donation (debit card, credit card, PayPal account):

Make a Recurring Donation (PayPal account required):