Join us as we meet Thursday nights @ 7:00pm

The Upper Room is the college and young adult ministry of our church.  Our mission is the church's mission, "In union with Christ, we exist to glorify God by living new creation lives and making disciples." 


We recognize that students and young adults are in a unique season of life; a time of forming new beliefs, owning or disowning their family's beliefs, making major life decisions and on and on.  At the same time they are being pulled in several directions culturally and morally. 

We desire to be a place where students can hear the Truth of God's Word and measure competing worldviews against the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We believe the ministry of God's Word through the local church is sufficient for this task because this is what God created the church to do.  We also believe that because of this unique season of life, young adults have more time to gather as a community, make lifelong friends, and spur one another on in the faith- that's what the Upper Room is for!   

For updated info on events and activities follow our Instagram page or email our college pastor Josh Jenkins.