Membership at Del Cerro isn't about joining a club, it's about belonging to the body of Christ.  We believe that membership is just a way of saying "I'm committed to this local gathering of Christ followers."  You can call it membership or covenant belonging or accountability or committment.  We use the word membership because it conveys a sense of belonging.  Much like a part or member of the body.  

The membership process goes something like this:

1.  Gather with our church, worship with us, get to know us for a little while.

2.  Participate in a membership class put on by the pastor.  It's usually held on two consecutive Sunday evenings about once a quarter.  

3.  Complete a membership application

4.  Your testimony will be published in our newsletter so the church body can learn more about your faith.

5.  You'll be presented and welcomed in by our church at one of our member's gatherings.