Links and articles

Here are some ways you can "redeem the time" while you and your families are stuck at home.  

Click on the links below to get to some great resources to watch.  If you'd like to start a group study with some of these resources, that option is available too.  

Reformation Truths with Dr. Michael Reeves.  

Dr. Reeves has had a profound influence on my own understanding of Christianity and I want to share with you and opportunity to learn from him.  His own area of expertise is Church History, particularly the Protestant Reformation.  


New Testament Canon with Dr. Michael Kruger

Our Wednesday night studies have been interrupted, probably for a long time. Why not learn from someone with more training than your pastors anyway?! Dr. Kruger is world renowned for his research into the development of the New Testament. Take some time to watch his course on the New Testament's history.  


Basics of Christianity with Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

Don't be thrown off by the word "basics", Dr. Ferguson is a fantastic teacher and will, no doubt, answer questions you didn't even know you had. From conversion, to growth, to enduring hardships, and persevering to the end, Dr. Ferguson covers all the bases in this study. 


If you'd rather create a "group study" and work through a course with some others, Ligonier has made that available too. Click on the link below and follow the directions.