UPDATE: Our worship service will be in the evening this Sunday! 6:30pm. For more information go here: www.dcbc.org/latest

Wednesday Night Fellowship

January 9, 2019

5:15pm – 7:00pm

Category: Wednesday Nights | Coordinator: Julia Jumper

Join us at 5:15 as we gather to break bread and enjoy a meal together.  We believe that just as the early church grew in love for Christ and one another as they sat at a common table, so do we.  

The menu varies but our hospitality team always cooks a good meal.  

Adults $6   Children $4  RSVP to 619-460-2210

At 6:00 we sing a couple songs, pray for one another, and then one of our pastors leads us in a time of study.  Right now we're studying 1 John.