Important: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are canceling all physical gatherings until further notice.



Del Cerro Baptist Church

(almost) daily Covid journal.



Good afternoon church, I miss you!  Looking forward to seeing you again when the Lord wills it.  In the meantime, I've been "zooming" with a number of pastors, including those pastors in our own network.  Here's the general consensus, "I've never done this before."  And here's the encouragement, "but our mission hasn't changed."  

And that's true isn't it?  Our mission hasn't changed, we are still kingdom citizens, new creations who exist to glorify God.  We still have that commissioning from our Savior to make disciples.  We still need one another.  

I want to encourage you to think creatively and prayerfully about how you can reach your neighbors during this time.  They're home afterall, so we don't have the "I never see them" issue.  My neighbors and their kids have all been running around outside, taking walks and so on.  It's so neat to see the neighborhood buzzing.  

With Easter coming up, consider a simple card and an invitation to watch our Livestream online?  Or how about a care package and a note that explains the Gospel?  The Nextdoor app is also a great way to see how you can serve your neighbors. 

We can't be with each other right now, but Christ is with you and in you, let His glory be known!





A couple updates for you:

1. Josh, Dustin S. and I livestreamed our weekly pastor's meeting yesterday- definitely a first! Opening up to you what our meetings are normally like was a bit intimidating but I've heard so far that it was an encouragement to many of you. Look forward to more content like that coming in the future.

2. Also, I've posted some great resources on the home page and (via facebook) linked you to a free online concert the Gray Havens are putting on tonight at 6pm.  

3. Last thing, remember to call one another and encourage one another during this time. As I've talked to some of you I've found you're keeping busy for the most part but some of you are lonely. That's understandable, this is a lonely time. Church, let's remember that we are family in Christ, let's love one another!




Good afternoon Del Cerro,

After investigating a little more re: our livestream feed on Sunday 3/22 it turns out our internet went down right in the middle of the pastoral prayer! I wrote that prayer in response to Isaiah 55 and so I'd recommend you read Isaiah 55 before reading the prayer but here it is:

"Lord we pray this morning for the continued fruitfulness of your Word. 

All around the world Christians are at home instead of gathering with your body.  100’s of millions of your people who are normally rejoicing in Christ in song and in prayer, hearing your word, building one another up… they’re quiet and at home. 

Lord we know just like Isaiah has told us, your Word, however it is spoken and proclaimed, it does not return to you empty, it is the seed of the sower that sprouts and produces abundantly.  Your word accomplishes exactly what you purpose.  You bring fruitfulness where you desire to bring fruitfulness, we praise you Lord. 

Let nothing stand in your way, no virus, nothing.  We praise you that you are so big, so strong and so mighty, we rejoice that you are in control.  Lord we don’t know when we’ll meet again as a church.  You do.  We don’t know how many will be sickened by this disease, you do.  We don’t know how this will affect us financially, you do and we know we can trust you. 

This is just another day to you, another day leading up to that day when your people are led forth in peace, and the mountains and the hills and the trees are singing and clapping with us. 

For now we wait, and we sing in our homes alone or with our families, looking forward to being together again, looking forward to the even greater day when all of your people praise you together.




Good morning DCBC Faithful (and guests!),

Well yesterday went well. The Livestream setup should, Lord willing, be much easier on the eyes and ears this Sunday. Special thanks to Ian T., Dave C., Jonathan D., and Dustin S. They made adjustments to camera locations, angles and microphones to hopefully present a more enjoyable and watchable service.  

All that to say, as soon as we wrapped things up Governor Newsome gave the lockdown order and our outlook for Sunday changed. The original plan for Sunday's singing was a number of singers singing with Dustin S. to at least give it the feel of congregational singing. It'll now be a lot simpler- just a well-dressed, bearded man and his trusty axe.

Ian (bless his heart) worked out a way to get the lyrics on the screen for you to sing with us, so please join in. Really! Sing! Not just because it took hours to figure out how to merge the lyrics with the video but because we can sing with joy and anticipation- despite our circumstances. Our God is sovereign and merciful, let's praise Him! 

Re: the lockdown, we're going to temporarily delay the kitchen operation we had planned for next Wednesday. There will be no Wednesday night meal for delivery or pickup.

With that in mind, please, please, please, if you need groceries, medicine or errands run, call or text Julia, Josh, Dustin S., or me. We have plenty of drivers who can help. It is not at all a burden and we'd love to have a government authorized reason to get out and see you!




Good Morning Del Cerro!  Here's today's update:

Yesterday Josh, Dustin S., Austin (on behalf of the deacons) and I spent a good deal of time in prayer for our church and our nation. We also began making plans for what these next (probably) 8 weeks will look like for us as a church. Here are the things we discussed:

1. What shepherding the congregation will look like.  Much like DCBC has done in the past, the pastors divided the congregation into 3 flocks, 1 for each pastor to check in with as much as possible. You'll know whose flock you're in soon enough. The deacons will help in this role but their focus will mostly be helping with physical needs. 

2. What livestreaming will look like. We are dedicating most of today to adjusting our livestreaming format (sound quality, video quality, etc). In the pre-Covid dispensation, the livestream was a backup option for folks who were sick or stuck at home. We averaged about 4 visitors per Sunday and honestly it wasn't a top priority. Well now livestream is all we've got and we're going to make it as good as we can.  

3. What midweek will look like. The kitchen is prepared to continue to prepare meals for those who are helped by this on Wednesday nights. Expect a scaled down pick-up and delivery option but we hope to see this service to continue.  

There will be no teaching on Wednesday, 3/25 but we are preparing some sort of online forum for midweek in the future. Our focus right now is really on our Sunday livestream.  

Stay tuned! Stay healthy! Stay home!

Your pastors love you and we're doing everything we can to ensure that the next several weeks are "time well spent" for Christ's own at DCBC.  




Thank you everyone for your encouraging words and willingness to be flexible. This has been the weirdest month I can remember and yet seeing how Christ's redeemed are building one another up in love despite being separated from one another is truly remarkable. All praise to Christ!
Here's where we are in terms of our gatherings:
-Tonight's dinner is for pickup and delivery only. Please call the office to let Julia know how you'll be receiving your meal.  
-EVERYTHING else on campus and in homes is cancelled/postponed until further notice. 
-WORSHIP will be LIVESTREAMED ONLY Sunday.  Your pastors are meeting today to plan what that will look like.  We are going to try and make it interactive so stay tuned!  
Pastor DR

DCBC faithful,

With the world in an absolute frenzy over the COVID19 virus it is prudent for us to remember, we serve a sovereign God.  The spread of this disease did not surprise Him!  Even more encouraging- this is all within His righteous decree; we can trust His governance over all things and we can look forward with hope to the return of Christ when all sicknesses will be erased.  During this strange time, let's be a peculiar, hope-filled people who are looking for ways to love one another and serve our neighbors rather than living in fear.  Remember also, together (young and old) we are still Christ's church, loving one another is going to look a little different for the next couple weeks.  
Though this is a new virus, it's not the first virus modern medicine has ever encountered- we know full well how these invisible buggers spread.  Therefore extreme precautionary measures are the most practical way for us to love one another and our neighbors.  The goal, strategized below, is to get ahead of the spread.  A couple weeks of caution can prevent a great deal of sorrow and help our country to catch up with this.  
Here's what WE'RE doing as a church:
1) We are continuing to gather as a church for worship but in love we are asking that those more vulnerable to this disease please stay home and LIVESTREAM our worship service. Vulnerable individuals include:  Those over 65 years of age, those with heart disease (including previous heart surgeries), lung disease, diabetes, compromised immune systems, and other underlying health issues.  
2) We are suspending Sunday School hour through Easter
3) We are suspending coffee/snack services until Easter.  Please bring your own pre-filled water bottle or coffee thermos if you need it.  
4) We will not be passing the offering plate. Offering plates will be located in the Foyer/lobby to drop off giving after service, OR you can give online. Detailed  instructions on how to give online can be located here:
5) We are suspending greeting time during Worship (indefinite).
6) We will be leaving the auditorium and foyer doors open during worship to minimize the necessity of anyone touching doors 
7) There will be no nursery services during this brief season 
8) We are postponing Men's Breakfast
9) We are suspending small groups for one month
10) The Wednesday night meal for 3/18 will be prepared but available for pickup and delivery only.  There will be no teaching time on 3/18.  No Wednesday meeting or meal on 3/25. If you would like a delivery please contact Julia (Office 619-460-2210, Cell 619-889-5015,
11) The Senior Luncheon (3/17) will continue but with extra precautions.  Those not feeling well please stay home.  Those who are not seniors, please do not join in this go ‘round.
12) Youth Group will continue for now
-We are providing grocery and errand services for those who church members who are in the "at risk" group. If you need someone to bring you groceries or you need help in anyway, please contact Julia (Office 619-460-2210, Cell 619-889-5015,, or one of the pastors and we will get you the help you need. Dont be shy! 
Here's what YOU can do as a member:
-PLEASE Stay home if you have a headache, tiredness, cough, sore throat, sniffles, aches, shortness of breath, fever, or any combination of any discomfort that may be from a respiratory infection!  THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE. 
-If you are in a vulnerable age group (CDC says "over 65") or if you have underlying health issues, please stay home and join us in Spirit via LIVESTREAM
-If you are not in the vulnerable age group, remember that you have the potential to infect people without knowing it.  The virulent spread of COVID-19 comes as a result of people with almost no symptoms mistakenly continuing life as normal.  As a result, the County Health department is recommending we keep 6' of space between one another.  
Also, please make yourself available to Julia who will be coordinating the grocery and errands needs list. (Office 619-460-2210, Cell 619-889-5015,
-All of us should greet one another cheerfully and with the love of Christ without touching one another.  Call and text one another and check in with one another.  
-All of us should Wash our hands with soap and warm water.  More than we normally do.
We look forward to worshiping with you altogether again very soon,
Grace to you from your pastors,
Dustin Rudolph (360-561-8464) -
Dustin Saunders (714-614-2363) -
Josh Jenkins (619-455-1792) -