The Foundry

Every week, while I'm studying God's Word and preparing to preach I write down everything I notice in the text.  Things like how it fits with the previous text and what comes next, how it fits in the broader story of redemption, and where I see similar themes in other areas of scripture.  This process helps to bring understanding to me before I even begin to consider how to teach it to the church.  

The closer I get to Sunday, the more I've zeroed in on what is essential for that week.  Obviously a lot of really fruitful Bible study gets left behind or cut out of the sermon.  It doesn't mean it was worthless, it just means I thought it would be distracting from the main point of the text or I simply didn't have time to share it.  My aim with these posts is to be able to store some of these cuttings in a place where I can share them with you.  We'll call this The Foundry.  It brings to mind the cutting and melting of metal to form a finished project.  On the floor are plenty of valuable scraps that can be put to good use.  

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Right?